Increasingly, young dancers and dance graduates are required to have a broader set of skills and knowledge even prior to being offered an audition. Such expectations include: professional performance experience of some kind; a sound understanding of multiple dance techniques and methodologies; multidisciplinary knowledge and experience; and essential professional skills. The reality of professional life can come as a shock, given highly competitive environments and demanding schedules which often lead to despair, and even early departure from the profession.

SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program is designed to foster a realistic appreciation of a company-like working environment offering a complete toolkit to thrive in the professional artistic field. Our goal is to train young dancers on a technical and creative level, nurturing the skills necessary to forge individual career paths as well sustaining, developing a personal artistic identity. To facilitate this, a safe and creative environment is necessary where the dancers can experience and create as an Ensemble, within a company-like context supported and guided by a team of experienced professionals.

The dancers will gain experience from six different creation processes during the program. The creations are led and choreographed by internationally acclaimed choreographers who will challenge the Ensemble by bringing a variety of creative processes, physical modalities and contrasting considerations on performativity. Working together with choreographers who represent European contemporary dance today, will give the dancers the possibility to evolve and mature artistically as co-creators and performers. The creations will be premiered at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, the “citadel” of Hungarian contemporary dance. The dancers are also offered the possibility to create and present their own work within the program in collaboration with MU-theater, the “plunge board” for Hungarian underground of performing arts. The Ensemble is invited to join Willany Leó Improvisation Dance Theater once a month to gain performance experience as well as being part of the Budapest underground arts scene.

The Ensemble is offered the chance to develop an extensive dance technical vocabulary through daily morning classes with teachers rotating on a weekly basis. These teachers are chosen carefully in order to provide a variety of styles and techniques that are relevant to the dancers’ progress and the according choreographic creation.
We highlight conscious training and education of the body in order to manifest its full potential With weekly ‘body-care’ classes, guided by personal trainers and physiotherapists, our focus is on the prevention of injury while also providing rehabilitation support when necessary.

Besides physical training and choreographic creations, the program also provides essential, theoretical components called ‘Tools’. These are weekly, professional lectures concerning self-management, networking, light and sound design, video editing and artist talks to broaden the Ensemble’s set of skills before entering artistic careers. The program provides monthly group coaching sessions for the Ensemble to reflect and strengthen their collective energy and function. We believe that individual growth is very much dependent on its positive surrounding and well-bonded community.

The founders of SUB.LAB.PRO provide personalised mentoring for their dancers to empower each individual’s potential; finding solutions together to overcome obstacles and providing support during the process of becoming self-reliant artists.
We won’t stop supporting our dancers after the program.
At least 3 dancers will be offered an apprenticeship with 3 different European dance companies. Our website will serve as a promotional platform with a collection of images, videos and biographies of each dancer as well as guaranteed visibility by numerous Hungarian and international choreographers, each invited to performances of the Ensemble. The Ensemble will get the opportunity to perform at International Dance Week Budapest the following summer.


Professional artistic quality, deep care of our community, transparent communication, circulation of ideas and acceptance regardless of sexual, ethnic, political or religious background are the fundamental core values of SUB.LAB.PRO. We aim at establishing an egalitarian environment where dancers, tutors and directors operate on a level playing field.

The program is financially self-sustained where the participation fee covers the salary of teachers and choreographers, studio rental, video and photo documentation fees, costume, administration and other organisational expenses. The program receives minimal government support.


Péter Juhász (HU) is a co-founder and artistic director of SUB.LAB Event Production which gave birth to ‘International Dance Week Budapest’ workshop – festival and ‘SUB.LAB PRO The Ensemble Program’.
Since 2017 he has been working with Emanuel Gat Dance company (FR). Previously he has collaborated with various dance companies and directors such as Thierry De Mey (BE), Les Ballets C de la B (BE), Mátè Mèszáros (HU), Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR), Eleonore Valere (FR), Roberto Olivan (ESP). In 2010 Peter finished his studies at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD).
Since 2011 he has been actively teaching at international dance workshops and festivals in France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Spain and Greece.
His main ambition is to create supportive environments where artists can live up to their creative potential.


Jenna Jalonen a.k.a triplejay (FI) graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2011, although she already started to collaborate and work together with several international companies and choreographers in 2010 such as Eva Duda Dance Co (HU), Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR), Kwaad bloed/Ugo Dehaes (BE), fABULEUS (BE), Notch Company (BE), Thierry de Mey (BE), Theater Bremen (DE), Máté Mészáros (HU), Untamed Productions (PT) and HODWORKS (HU). Together with Beatrix Simkó their production Long time no see! was part of the Festival d’Avignon Sujets á Vif program in 2018 and was selected amongst the Aerowaves Twenty19 productions. Her production BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’ was also part of the Aerowaves selection of Twenty20 and won the Rudolf Lában Prize for the best contemporary dance performance of 2019. She is the co-founder and choreographer of Collective Dope which, besides developing choreographic work, organises [D]OPEN YOUR MOVE mini-festival, a platform to support young contemporary and urban dancers. For some years she has been developing and teaching triplewave movement practice for professional dancers and movers. She is an artistic team member of Flying Bodies and International Dance Week Budapest as well as co-founder of SUB.LAB PRO The Ensemble Program.



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