How can I apply for The Ensemble Program?
Simply fill out the application form. You will find all necessary information at “APPLY”

Do you accept non-professional or smartphone filmed videos?

Once I submit my application, when will I receive an answer?
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after we receive your application. If necessary, some applicants will be contacted separately for a “call back” via zoom. Otherwise, the final decision will be made after the application deadline ( May 28, 2021). All applicants, whether successful or not, will be notified by June 1st, 2021 at the latest.

If chosen, when do I need to confirm my participation?
To confirm your participation, be sure to pay the administration fee of 100EUR by June 20th, 2021.

Is there a waiting list?

How much is the program fee, does it vary depending on my nationality?
You have two options for the program fee:

Option A: 3000 EUR as a single payment for the entire program (payable until September 1st, 2021) + 100 EUR non-refundable administration fee.
Option B: 370 EUR monthly payment, over a 9 month period + 100 EUR non-refundable administration fee.

Your nationality has no effect on the amount of the fee.

If I choose Option A, what is the payment deadline?
September 1st, 2021.

If I choose to pay by Option B, what is the payment schedule?
This option requires advanced, monthly installments, for example: to make the first payment for September, the transfer of 370EUR must be sent before September 1st; for October, second payment made prior to October 1st for November, third payment made prior to November 1st; and so on.

Is there an administration fee?
Yes. The non-refundable administration fee of 100EUR will confirm your participation in The Ensemble Program.

If I have confirmed my participation by paying the administration fee, but cannot attend the program after all, is the fee refundable?
No. The fee is non-refundable, neither for personal nor professional reasons.

What happens after I have been chosen for The Ensemble program?
You will receive an info. package via email regarding the process of confirming your participation (via payable administration fee), program fee payment methods, program schedule and other useful information. From this point on, we will open a dialogue concerning your move to Budapest, and how we can assist in this process.

Does the program provide accommodation during the season?
No, however, we are happy to support you in your search for accommodation. We will also connect you with the other accepted Ensemble members in case you are interested in finding accommodation together.

How are the living expenses in Budapest?
The currency rate for HUF (Hungarian Forint) is around 1 EUR = 360 HUF.
Budapest is a relatively cheap city compared to other big European cities.
Living costs vary between 100EUR – 200EUR /month for a room and 200EUR – 400EUR/month for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.
You can find other information about living expenses in Budapest on this website:

How can I find accommodation in Budapest?
There are several websites and Facebook groups for finding accommodation.

Again, we are happy to provide assistance in locating the best option for you.

Is there a possibility to work outside of the program? If yes, how can I find information about possible jobs?
As the program schedule is quite intense, running from Monday to Friday between 10am – 5/7pm, we recommend weekend, or occasional jobs only. We can assist you in finding information about possible jobs and options.

Will I be able to travel home or take auditions during the program?
Yes, although we recommend you to coordinate any travel during the scheduled program breaks, like this, you won’t miss out on creation periods. Of course, auditions can be discussed separately and you may be able to travel despite the dates. There are break periods throughout the season, in between creations, as well as a longer Christmas break. See the exact dates for break periods at “TIMELINE”.

Do I need to be fluent in English in order to participate in the program?
Our working language at The Ensemble Program is English. You don’t need to have a degree in English, however a basic level is recommended in order to closely follow the choreographers and teachers. If something is still not understandable, we encourage you to speak up so we can assist you!

Can we access the studios before and after Ensemble hours?
As our studio is in partnership with Workshop Foundation, who hosts other artists as well as general dance classes, we have little access to the studio outside of the program hours. It may be possible to use the studio space prior to our morning classes, given that we are usually the first ones to start the day. Mostly, it all depends on the reservation schedule of the studio.

What will I receive at the end of my training?
All Ensemble dancers will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the program, as well as promotional visibility on our website. Three dancers will be offered an apprenticeship with one European dance company. The Ensemble will get the opportunity to perform at International Dance Week Budapest the following summer.