Adrienn Hód – Flappers

Adrienn Hód’s creative method deconstructs the frames of body, movement, space and music and rebuilds them in an unexpected way. The starting point with the dancers of SUB.LAB.PRO is house dance. The urban dance style and step material is transformed by varying tempos, dynamics and qualities, focusing on hidden details, forgotten body parts, different layers of movement, while also experimenting with the stage elements that accompany the dance.

Concept, choreography: Adrienn Hód

Co-creators, performers: Dora Almeleh (BE), Lina Bouainane Chabre (FR), Rose Bouvet (FR), Naomi Kats (IL), Laura Mello Rella (IT), Hanne Van Driessche (BE),Flóra Virág (HU) Jázmin Wéber (HU)
Urban dance mentors: Róbert Fazekas ‘Pizsy’, Alex Tillinger
Music: mix by Nvkp
Costume: Manier, Szabó Kitti
Light design: Kata Dézsi