Adrienn Hód – Flash

What tools does a contemporary dancer have? What do the basics of dance technique mean to a contemporary dancer? How do you use or not use your technical knowledge?

The movement research starts from basic movements such as rotation, swinging, rolling, jumping, stepping, progressing, lifting, falling and acrobatic elements, which goes from the simplest realisation possibilities to the most extreme “technical” solutions and back. Creating forms and shading them, from the seemingly awkward use of the body to fully developed, precise solutions. Finding the minimum and maximum. Looking for technical prowess relying on other dance styles and beyond.

Performers, creators: Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Anna Fauro (IT), Cecilia Weidacher (SWE), Coline Hemery (FR), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Fanny Mansot (FR), Inés Lopez (FR), Manon
Campion (BE), Opal Gelman (IL), Shaked Tadmor (IL), Izabela Flotyńska (PL)
Light: Dézsi Katalin
Choreographic assistant: Emese Cuhorka
Concept, Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Video: Gergely Ofner