Csaba Molnar – Showcase

“This is my second time working with the SUB.LAB.PRO team. Working with a team of 10 dancers is getting rarer and rarer in the freelance world. In addition to creating the performance and developing my creative visions, it was important for me to pass on my experience as a performer and to share with the team my relationship to dance and creation. In the 6-week creative process, working together with choreographer Júlia Vavra, we tried to create a milieu where playfulness had a decisive role. We were looking for free self-expression and existence through the physicality inherent in dance, in which the dancer’s body is free, functional and capable of change, so it is not addicted to form, and non-judgmental and non-hierarchical, i.e. it does not choose between beautiful and ugly forms and movements, but the internal there is a balance between living and external form.

The goal was not to codify or pass on forms, but to encourage independence, curiosity and movement research. Contemporary dance is a way of dancing and thinking that is forever evolving and in symbiosis with its environment. It carries its power and essence in its intangibility.”

Choreographer: Csaba Molnár

Performers: Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Anna Fauro (IT), Cecilia Weidacher (SWE), Coline Hemery (FR), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Fanny Mansot (FR), Inés Lopez (FR), Manon Campion (BE), Opal Gelman (IL), Shaked Tadmor (IL)
Co-Creator: Júlia Vavra
Light: Kata Dézsi
Music: Cy Coleman, Sweet Charity: The Rhythm of Life
Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1, Gnossienes N. 1
Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring – Sacrificial Dance
Boundaries: It Was Built to Break, My Body is a Cage, Burying Brightness
Inga Copeland: Advice To Young Girls
Costume: Cshanyel