Emannuel Gat – SACRE

‘SACRE’ is a revival of the Sacre du printemps created in 2004, one of the main works in the repertoire of the Emanuel Gat Dance Company. The creation also received the Bessie Award in 2006. Blending strict elegance with feverish lightning, the spring sacrifice emerges in all its splendour. Who would have thought that Cuban salsa fits in perfectly with Stravinsky’s knocking rhythms?

“I only look for answers in dance and only in it. If I used other mediums, it would be like I think there are things that dance can’t express. I strive for a single means of expression to take advantage of all possibilities, rather than using multiple means at 20%” – says Gat, a creator of the ‘pure dance genre’, who is not frightened by the shadow of Nijinsky, which has been hovering over Stravinsky’s work since 1913. Fortunately.

Dancers, performers: Flóra Virág (HU) / Rose Bouvet (FR), Lina Bouainane Chabre (FR) / Hanne Van Driessche (BE), Laura Mello Rella (IT) / Jázmin Weber (HU), Isaac Butler (GB), Jonas Garrido Verwerft (BE)
Music: Igor Stravinsky, Sacre du printemps
Fény: Emanuel Gat, in collaboration: Kata Dézsi
Rehearsal and teaching directors: Michael Löhr (DE), Karolina Szymura (PL)
Choreography: Emanuel Gat (IL)