Jenna Jalonen – HALO

Intertwining sacred dances and ritualistic movements with contemporary dance forms while exploring the purpose of dance within a modern societal context. It underscores the transformative influence of voice as a dynamic element of movement, while also pushing the boundaries between tradition and innovation. Contemporary homage to our dancing ancestors.

Building upon Jenna Jalonen’s earlier work in “RING,” HALO represents a seamless continuation of her exploration into decoding traditional dances. While RING delved into circle dances, HALO takes the journey further by delving into sacred dances and ritualistic movements that have historically been intertwined with attempts to understand and influence the natural world. Throughout history, sacred dances served various purposes — from ensuring bountiful harvests and victory in battles to invoking rain, fertility, and ecstasy. But what is the purpose of dance now and what kind of ritual does it represent in today’s society?

Creators: Axelle Sechao, Ása Sigrúnardóttír, Boris Charrion, Emma Delvac, Inés Grima, Mar Serra Martí, Melén Constant, Michela Centon, Nerya Zahavi

Light: Dezsi Kata
Singer: Gaál Eszter
Singing and vocal mentor: Mizsei Zoltán
Movement mentor: Pirók Zsófia, Szabó Dániel
Choreography assistant: Inés Lopez
Producer: SUB.LAB Event Productions
Partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Arts and Culture Centre
Conception, choreography: Jenna Jalonen