Manuel Ronda – oKaLLYToTeY

With the help of improvisational methods, we treat the universe of movement and sound as a common ground, taking into account their rhythm, composition, aesthetics, silence and tranquillity, while always using our body as the same instrument. Considering the opposites as a series of possibilities in which the dancers can immerse themselves and discover their own intentions, inner selves, exploring the visible and invisible side, the relationship between center and sound, radiation and disappearance, allowing them to express in their own unique way all that lies within them without the need for judgement.

Performers: Mészáros Fanni, Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Anna Fauro (IT), Cecilia Weidacher (SWE), Coline Hemery (FR), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Fanny Mansot (FR), Inés Lopez (FR),
Manon Campion (BE), Opal Gelman (IL), Shaked Tadmor (IL), Dora Almeleh (BE)
Light: Katalin Dézsi
Music: Birdman
Concept, Choreography: Manuel Ronda.
Video: Gergely Ofner