Maria Kolegova – Her Abandoned Pieces

The choreographer Maria Kolegova introduced the dancers to the inspiration of Vilis, supernatural beings from Slavic folklore tales. Vilis (also referred as Wilis, or Víla) are portrayed as beautiful women with long flowing hair, eternally young, who primarily live in the woods, with the ability to turn themselves into horses, wolves, snakes, falcons and swans. Also said to be keen on dancing as another way of trapping people, as it was believed that if you started dancing with them, then you would never find home.

A group of restless souls holding rituals for their existence from day to day, from night to night. Immersed in a thought that expresses the borderline state of the soul of young women who have stopped between the living and the dead and cannot find a way out.

Six dancers tell stories through their embodied characters carrying a relationship with each other that sets the rhythm of the development of internal conflict and its resolution.

Choreography: Maria Kolegova (RU)

Dancers, performers: Lina Bouainane (FR), Rose Bouvet (FR), Laura Mello Rella (IT), Hanne Van Driessche (BE), Jázmin Wéber (HU), Flóra Virág (HU)
Light design: Kata Dézsi
Music: montage