Mate Meszaros – TK1/22

Hermeneutic studies of the body in which the body appears as a dynamic object. Examination of the structural carrying capacity of the body in solo as well as in formal variations for duos and groups. In addition to these basic principles, the work examines immobility and the ability of the body to maintain momentum. To create a more in-depth receptive experience, the performance uses light as a dramaturgical driving force, reinterpreting the classical role of light in a theatrical setting.

Dancers, performers: Lina Bouainane (FR), Rose Bouvet (FR), Laura Mello Rella (IT), Hanne Van Driessche (BE), Jázmin Wéber (HU), Dora Almeleh (BE), Naomi Kats (IL)
Light design: Máté Mészáros, Kata Dézsi
Music: Áron Porteleki
Choreography: Máté Mészáros