Aggeliki Michalaki

Aggeliki was born in Greece in 1996. She entered the dance world at a very young age and trained in ballet and contemporary dance for several years. In 2022 she completed her professional dance education at the school of the Greek National Opera in Athens. During her studies she performed in the GNO’s official stage and she was also part of dance-theatre works and dance installations. Aggeliki holds a bachelor degree in law as well. From September 2022 she is a member of SUB.LAB.PRO the Ensemble Program in Budapest.

Dance for me is the most intelligent language to connect with other human beings without words. The human body always excites me because of its power to understand and interpret feelings, external and internal situations in a very quick and special way. Finally, the brain isn’t able to lead but only follow. From my perspective, that is exactly the importance of the “body-minded” research. How can we react to the unpredictable and irreversible present? How can the inner child and the deep honesty of ourselves or even the instincts move us? Interacting and improvising are not only a kind of art for me, but also a field that I am constantly exploring. I risk in order to get to know myself and to find a space that I can embrace my personal doubts, fights and questions.