Cecilia Weidacher

is a 22 years old dancer born in Stockholm. From an early age she had many interests including singing and piano, as well as being an active member within the 4H community in Stockholm. However dance was always the main focus, which led her to graduate from Iwanson International in summer 2022 (DE). Throughout her 3 years of education she had classes in different contemporary techniques, as well as ballet and jazz. In her last year she had the chance to work with different choreographers such as Carlos Aller and Tamara Gvozdenovic for the graduation show.

“The body is a wonderous thing with an endless amount of hidden abilities which one doesn’t encounter in everyday life. It can move in the most unbelievable ways and tell a story just by the tilt of the head. This is what draws me to the art of dance. The constant pushing past one’s limits, the euphoric feeling when discovering hidden movements and qualities you once believed to be impossible. The mesmerising power dance gives to storytelling which enhances the experience of the audience.”