Coline Hemery

Coline Hemery is a French movement artist born in 1999. She started dance at a very young age and has made it part of her daily life ever since. Over the past four years she has trained with various junior ballets and training programs throughout France and Italy. During this time she had the opportunity to connect and work with several figures who impacted her and her dancing, including Rob Hayden, Jos Baker, Fanny Sage, Tom Weinberger and Doug Letheren.

In 2021 she had the opportunity to work with Jill Crovisier on her piece “SIEBEN”, and to be part of the touring cast in France and Poland (Gdański Festiwal Tańca). Currently, Coline is a member of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program.

Coline defines her artistic path as a quest for truth and authenticity. She seeks the expression of a human, honest art and considers that things do not need to be complicated to hold meaning.
In dance, she believes that shared interactions and playfulness provide access to instincts, intuitive human behaviours, and bring us closer to something pure which connects us back to our inner child.
Open-mindedness is, for Coline, an indispensable quality, in life as in art. She is constantly questioning and looking for new perspectives that can help her move forward and discover places she would not have gone on her own.
In her work, she values creativity and precision in equal measure. She is moved by internal and spontaneous impulses that are often expressed as contained force, theatrical dimensions, use of isolations, full use of space and of the physics of the movement.