Elisa Picq

Elisa Picq is a French dancer, performer, and contemporary mover, born in 2000. She began exploring movement at the age of 4 and entered the world of dance. After completing 3 years of university, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in literature and shifted her focus to join CobosMika Seed’s program in Spain for two years. During this time, she had the opportunity to collaborate with choreographers such as Anna Hierro (La Veronal), Akira Yoshida, Albert Galindo, and Manuel Rondas.

In addition, in 2022, she participated in the CobosMika Company for the dance/theater piece “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Currently, Elisa is a member of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program in Budapest.

Elisa feels that her approach to movement is something deeply internal, using the shape of her body to express herself. She sees dance as a way to amplify her personality through energy and cyclic patterns. She is particularly drawn to the idea of continuity in life, viewing it as a cyclic movement that she can break with impulses in her own movements.

She is attached to dance as a pure and safe space that allows for constant challenge and self-questioning in her life. For Elisa, dancing is a pathway to tap into something beyond her inner emotions, a means to explore the strength and vulnerability of her body and mind. ยป