Fanny Mansot

Fanny is a French contemporary dancer. She started dancing at a young age but first obtained a bachelor’s degree in law before fully dedicating to dance studies.. She did two years of professional training in Paris and was part of a young emerging company Les Ré Besides collaborating in other projects she joined Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux where she worked and performed pieces with several choreographers and teachers such as Jeremy Alberge. She is currently a member of SUB.LAB.PRO. The Ensemble Program in Budapest.

“Contemporary dance for me is primarily instinctive. My body moves before the complete thoughts can be acknowledged, translated to words. It’s a direct and visual channel to emotions which are then processed, understood and shared. It is also a constant exploration and reassessment to challenge my body to move in different ways, not limit myself and go out of my comfort zone. It’s a fine balance between mind and body, emotion and thought, inside and outside. That idea alone is worth a whole exploration and I am trying to process and navigate between projecting and living in the studio and on stage.”