Flóra Virág

is a Hungarian dancer and performer. Her first experience with movement started at the age of 12 with various urban styles. Later on she began her exploration with contemporary dance in Gangaray Artistic Program (HU), and continued in the Royal Conservatoire AntwerpEN (BE). During and after her studies she worked with choreographers and collectives such as Alain Platel & Bérengère Bodin, Jan Lauwers & Grace Ellen Barkey (Needcompany), ONAF and Vera Tussing. Currently she is freelancing and a member of SUB.LAB.PRO. The Ensemble Program.

As a dance artist, Flóra is interested in the honesty of the moving body. She believes that movement is a tool to explore unknown terrains of herself, to immerse into the in-between, where the freedom of vulnerability becomes a source of creativity. She enjoys the trajectory of not knowing, the merge of concrete and abstract states, imagination and sensation, performing and experiencing.