Mar Serra Martí

Mar is a dancer and performer born in 2004. She began her journey in dance at the age of 4 and has never stopped since then. At 16 years old, she joined the Cobosmika Seed’s program in Spain, where she embarked on her professional contemporary dance education. Over the course of three years, she had the privilege of collaborating with various choreographers, including Akira Yoshida, Manuel Ronda, and Anna Hierro (La Veronal).

In 2021, Mar had her first opportunity to work with the CobosMika Company, taking part in “Scrakeja’t 2.0.” Since then, she has been actively engaged in various projects alongside the company, such as a collaboration with Cobla Sant Jordi and a dance/theater piece titled “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which premiered in January 2023. In the same year, she achieved first place in the young interpreters contest at the “ONADANCE” festival with her solo performance, “Llevant.” Currently, Mar is a member of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program based in Budapest.

She has always been fascinated by people and the untold stories they carry. How human beings are contradictory, possessing complexity and intuition, sensitivity, and power. She perceives movement as another story to reveal, a journey across the paths she must traverse. For her, dancing is about seeking the fragility and brutality that often elude her in everyday life. By navigating in between these two concepts, she explores her body’s limits while searching for the most organic expressions. Her commitment to excellence fuels her curiosity, motivating her to experiment with rhythms, textures, and states, all while maintaining a sense of fluidity and ease. She firmly believes that the act of movement helps her in navigating this sometimes overwhelming world, giving her the chance to explore her own boundaries.