Mélen Constant

Mélen was born in 2003 and is a French dancer and performer. He began his dance journey at the VBEG Dance Center and quickly became a member of the Orteils de Sable children’s company, under the direction of Mireille Barlet. Mélen has also participated in a dance Biennale in Lyon and played a leading role as a dancer in the film “Malik,” produced by Théo Gonon and the Compagnie “À pas de velours”. After completing his education and obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he joined the Ballet Junior de Genève for two years. During his time there, he had the opportunity to continue his education by performing in numerous pieces created and directed by renowned choreographers. This experience allowed him to train in various dance styles, expand his knowledge, and deepen his understanding of the creative and communicative aspects necessary for various projects. Mélen is currently a member of the SUB.LAB.PRO Ensemble Program in Budapest.

A creator at heart, Mélen has been creating ephemeral henna tattoos, in everything he does he builds his own world around his feelings. Deeply attuned to his inner self, he draws on it to enrich his work, building his movements on the strength of his sensations and emotions. His hands allow him to create a story, to model his thoughts. But the fact that he danced for many years with his sister and in various dance groups has enabled him to acquire for himself and to integrate into his work a great awareness of human relationships. If black is the color that represents his dance, it is because, like him, his art absorbs sunlight to construct its own reflection, which Mélen puts at the service of the dance and the group in which he performs.