Nerya Zahavi

Nerya is a dancer and performer born in Israel. She embarked on her dance journey at the age of 4 at the ‘Shira Ganor Ballet School’ in Tel-Aviv, where she trained until her graduation in 2023. Early on, Nerya focused her training on ballet and contemporary dance, cultivating a strong foundation in classical and Graham techniques.At the age of 12, Nerya began her studies at the ‘Ironi Aleph High School of Arts’ under the guidance of Dalit Haramaty. There, she had the privilege of learning from a diverse group of instructors, exposing her to a wide array of dance styles, including Cunningham, Horton, Gaga, Character, and Improvisation. Throughout her academic journey, Nerya had the opportunity to perform and collaborate with renowned Israeli choreographers, including Noa Zuk, Roy Assaf, Roni Chadash, and Mor Shani. She also had the privilege to perform different repertoires, including works by Ohad Naharin, Hofesh Shechter, Johan Inger, and Inbal Pinto.

Dance is my refuge, my sanctuary, where I can transcend the boundaries of the ordinary and escape from reality. When the body is pushed to its extremes and yet, in its vulnerability, it discovers an extraordinary strength. It is in these moments of daring exploration that the true ecstasy of dance reveals itself. I love exploring moments of vulnerability and embarrassment when the dancer is the most authentic. Dancing until exhaustion sets in is a celebration of life’s purest joys. It’s a moment when the body and spirit are synchronized, challenging the body’s endurance, flexibility, and strength. That is what makes me feel alive.