Rose Bouvet

is a dancer and artist from France. They studied ballet and contemporary dance for seven years inside the conservatoire regional of Lyon, where they did two distinctive programs entwined with their studies in high school. During their studies, Rose performed in local theaters and inside the museum of fine arts for the annual nocturnal event. Rose graduated from the CRR in 2020 and is currently a member of the SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program in Budapest.

“Dance is for me a pure language and endowed with a great truth because the body is in play, it is a succession of layers which always finishes by the one of vulnerability and which can be declined in so many different ways. It is a white canvas on which all can be projected, the body as a tool, both a brush and a painting, it is to paint oneself and by the space, the costumes, the light to transform the real or to underline it.
I am interested in the total use of my body to take it into unknown and perilous terrains. I enjoy immersing myself in a universe, becoming a character, an essence or an object in it and experiencing the emergence of new parts of myself. I like to create hybrid beings and imitate their ways of moving, of living, inventing genealogies that would explain why they act the way they do. This allows me to go into lands of movement that would be unknown to me if I tried to go in with just my body. These armors of skin and imagination connect me to the multitudes that we are as humans, but also allow me to free myself. I have that eagerness to go beyond the human body that is mine and metamorphose it.”